Dr. Gerardo Wence-Munoz

My mission is to walk along your side in a delicious and extraordinary process in which you encounter your true self. Ultimately, my goal is to support your self-awareness to gain insight and eventually consciously choose happiness over the challenges that may paralyze you in the current moment. The path is to recognize that you are the sole possessor of the answers to your questions and eventually realize that you are the holder of your happiness.


My vision is to support individuals in reaching their full potential as human beings. Encountering their true self and remain faithful to their needs, desires, and personal values. Eventually, I envision each of my clients to recognize who they are, what they have to offer, and how their qualities are all beautiful parts that form the universe. Helping individuals recognize their wholeness ultimately serves as a guide to discover, encounter, or create their happiness.

My promise

My promise to you is to walk along your side until you can fully see and admire the wonderful human being that exists within you. In an unconditional positive and accepting environment, we will walk together with congruency and empathy in a beautiful encountering process with your true self. We will walk together in this process!.

Eniko Mimless

My mission is to make sure that you are not alone with your suffering when you are stuck and you are paralyzed with fear. I want you to know that I see you, I hear you and I can help you. My mission is to help mature, wise women who seek help through spiritual guidance.


My vision is to hold women’s esteem up high. Women must see themselves as worthy and they matter. I envision many women realizing their true worth through my spiritual coaching. As women, we must feel our power and we must have confidence and take a stand.

My promise

My promise is that I see you, I hear you, and feel you during our sessions. We will find your pain points and where exactly you are stuck. We will find your limiting beliefs and dive deep and take inspired action. I will be your accountability partner from the beginning to get you to a breakthrough point to shift out of your stuck state. You will live a life with joy, confidence, and more agency. You will live the life you always wanted to live.

Through the introduction of meditation, you will find a spiritual outlook on life. You will learn how to trust the universe and how it’s infinite power works in your favor. Also, how to keep a positive outlook on your newly acquired knowledge and keep your positive vibration saturate your joyful life.

What makes me different is my deep belief in the positive flow of the universe. The universe can flow with you to manifest your desires.

This magnificent power can be tapped into and you will be achieving what you want in life.

Margarita Herrera Olmos

My mission is to accompany and support those who experience difficult situations that cause them mental and emotional discomfort, to recover the positive feelings that lead them to go through these situations with courage, and thus recognize the greatness that dwells in them; then, in this way achieve their own growth and human development.


The therapeutic process is a means to grow together (therapist and patient) towards the development of our humanity. And little by little, more and more, we construct a world of people living in a conscious and healthy way, mentally and emotionally.

My promise

I will accompany you and be there for you with respect, warmth, and dedication on the road to recovering your potential and emotional well-being. Together we will generate an atmosphere of security and freedom that allows for a meeting of two human beings expressing themselves freely and confidently.

¡Hola/Hello! 👋🏼